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"Sometimes the secret is so simple 
that we all miss it'

                                            Thich Nhat Hanh


It  sounds mad, crazy but............

If You Really Want to Lose Weight - You Must be Able To Experience Pleasure 
in Your Body FIRST !




The reason is simple .

If you can't feel pleasure in your body....


"You Will Always Feel A Terrible Craving to 'Stuff' Yourself With 'Pleasurable' Junk Food...... Every Day!  

You do this...... 

......because your body has been starved of it's own NATURAL   SOURCE of PLEASURE - so it always looks to........ 


...These Junk, Sugary Substitutes 
to MAKE UP  for the lack."

 The Result! You pack on the pounds!


"Then I meditated for an hour of bone-tingling stillness until I finally felt it again ............that happiness, bliss which is better, truly, than anything I have ever experienced else on this earth." 

Elizabeth Gilbert, 'Eat, Pray, Love'


How to Enjoy Losing 14 Pounds of 
Stubborn Fat..........


When you eat sugary, fatty, junk food, you feel good.

You feel happy.

That's the truth.

Let's be honest : You enjoy these foods .  

That's why you look forward to eating them.

And that's why you keep eating them - and don't really want to give them up.

That's why we all find it hard to lose fat.

But what we all forget is that it is NOT the foods that are giving you this pleasure.

It is the happy, pleasurable hormones/drugs that these foods trigger our bodies into producing.   

That is the KEY point.

We all forget this. 

Everyone of us.

What is happening is that these junk foods are  mimicing your body's own NATURALLY-PRODUCED feel-good chemicals.

And as you continue eating these foods, they effectively replace  your brain's own natural PRODUCTION of  feel-good chemicals. 

........and soon your body becomes totally deficient in producing it's 
own NATURAL happy hormones. 

And  then .....if you  decide to stop eating these foods, by going on, say a diet! - your body goes into a panic - and into a terrible bad feeling mood. 

You start to feel lousy, empty, fed-up and deprived.

Sound familiar?


Because now the body is in double panic mood!


Not only has it lost the sugary, sweet foods and snacks that used to give it those artificial, temporary highs......

....But now, it has been almost depleted of it's ability to produce what it REALLY wanted all the time; it's own naturally-produced happy hormones. 

Now here is the Key:  

To successfully lose weight and NOT find it hard and horrific, you need to learn once again how to help your body produce it's own NATURAL  feel-good hormones. 

Then your body won't want or crave these sugary junk foods or snacks.



When you can do that, your body  won't feel horrible, empty, or listless - because you won't  be  DEPRIVING it of anything.

Yes, you will no longer be eating all these sugar-loaden junk foods - but now, your body will be once again  full of it's own NATURALLY -PRODUCED ecstatic hormones.

But to produce these hormones, you must learn how to FEEL PLEASURE -real orgasmic PLEASURE IN YOUR BODY.

Most of us feel nothing in our bodies. Our bodies are blocked and frozen.

We live in our heads, cut off from our bodies..

Most of us have never experienced the ecstatic pleasure  that exists at the core 
of our being .

You probably don't even believe it exists!

But this energy does EXIST.  


In fact, you  experience a glimpse of it whenever 
you experience sexual orgasm.  

This is the ecstatic energy that we are talking about.


......Most people believe they can ONLY access or experience this 
energy through sex, but that is not true.

Theoretically, if I could relax you sufficiently right now and get you to stay in the present moment long enough; you could experience this Energy, this infinite Pleasure for yourself this VERY MOMENT.

But most of us have never LEARNED how to do such a thing.

And so every day, your body remains STARVED  of it's own internal, NATURAL source  of ecstatic pleasure.

You need to learn how to ALLOW and  experience the pleasure of this energy streaming through the CIRCUITRY of your body everyday.......... 

Please remember, pleasure is not just a nice, pleasant sensation, but it is a very real, definite, specific   energy.

It is actually a real, LIVING measurable energy. 

And your body NEEDS to FEEL the ecstasy of this pleasure streaming through it's biological and neurological circuitry every day. 


.......because of our cultural ''programming' of  rejecting and fearing pleasure - you  unconsciously  block yourself from experiencing this energy.......

......And so your body has been literally starved of this vital energy frequency of pleasure - for years now.


The truth is:

Right NOW -this day, your body is literally starved of pleasure.

It is living off tiny scraps.

And so what do we all do to fill this void, this gnawing feeling of emptiness, of ’loneliness’ that we feel in the pit of our bodies from this lack?  

We tend to stuff' ourselves with ’pleasurable’, sugary, dead junk food to make up for this lack because our body has been starved of its own  NATURAL SOURCE of pleasure.  

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In fact, we'll eat ANYTHING 'pleasurable' or sugary to fill this 'void', this 'emptiness', this feeling of  'loneliness' that we feel.


Don't you see now why you have this unending desire for junk and sweet sugary food?

And no matter how hard we try to resist these desires and foods and 'keep on' our diets, the struggle gets harder and harder and we all eventually give in.

And we always will -until we learn how to 'fill' and nourish ourselves with our own internal SOURCE of ecstatic pleasure.

 This is the ENERGY FREQUENCY that your body REALLY wants and craves - not these fattening, DEAD external substitutes. 



The Secret Revealed  

For the past 20 years, I have been teaching people The Bliss Technique.

I am also the creator of the the best-selling course, 'The Bliss Technique.

For those 20 years, I have been teaching thousands of people how to relax so deeply that they can feel the natural pleasure and ecstasy of their own bodies.   

A few years ago, after the end of each course, we all began to notice one strange thing: most of the students had naturally and effortlessly lost weight. 

Not just any weight but significant pounds of stubborn FAT.

We soon grasped the simple secret behind this success.  

Because they had now learned how to access the natural pleasure and ecstasy inherent within their own bodies- they no longer felt any need or desire for the pleasurable, sugary junk food or dead processed foods they used to consume.

Again and again, I want to emphasize the positive aspect of this.  

It's not the foods you are terrified of losing when you want to lose weight.  

But how you will temporarily feel when they are gone.

You don't really want all these high-sugar junk foods.

That's the GREAT news!  

You ONLY want the GOOD FEELINGS you believe they give you.

Isn't that true??

Now, we must ask ourselves this vital question again:

What IF you could change HOW you FEEL - using OTHER methods other than eating all these old 'comfort foods'.  

What you really want is to change how you feel. 

Do that .....and losing weight will be a completely different  and lasting 



Effortlessly Losing Weight Using The Bliss Technique 

Effortlessly Losing Weight using The Bliss Technique concentrates on showing you how you can change how you feel without needing to eat these dead, fattening foods when stop eating them.

It will take you step-by-step through the process of losing weight by going to the CORE of the problem.....

......How to deal with the craving for food when it appears and learning how turn it into a happy, pleasant enjoyable feeling instead.

You don't need to eat these foods in order to to FEEL better. There are other better ways of changing how you FEEL!

In the Bliss Technique.... you learnt how to transform pain into ecstasy!

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The BlissTechnique  


It worked for me!

Anne Gilroy, Walksinstown, Dublin 

I'm like everybody. I love to gorge on cakes and biscuits - and  so, as you can imagine I find it very hard to lose weight.

And if I do decide to go on a diet - I hate it because it means I will have to deprive of myself of this pleasure.

That's why your website made so much sense to me. What if I could get my pleasure - FILL myself  with PLEASURE, you could say - from this form of bliss meditation - instead of depending on junk food to satisfy me.

It worked marvellously for me. 

Sometimes, for example, during the evening, instead of watching a TV program - I'll go to my room and practice the Bliss Technique for half an hour. 

I am now literally able to access these ecstatic energies at will and enjoy them streaming through my body. And the effect lasts all night. 

Before the course, I started off pudgy, with a rattled and stressed central nervous system. Now, I not only lost 14 pounds  but I feel stronger, healthier, happier and relaxed.

But most important of all, I no longer feel the desire to secretly gorge all these fatty junk foods.


It worked for me!


 Nadia, Ontario, Canada

Simply put, this program works!!

Yes you still have to do all the NORMAL things like eat healthy food, drink lots of water and exercise regurarly-but the BIG difference is that it's all enjoyable now.

I don't feel any desire - any craving to eat  the junky sugary food, the hidden snacks  - because now it's very simple: I get all my pleasure  - my happy norishment from  the bliss Technique.

Like Elizabeth Gilbert, I  meditate for an hour of bone-tingling stillness and I feel  ............that happiness, bliss which is better, truly, than anything I have ever experienced else on this earth." 

And it fills me for the whole day.   

And for the first time in my life, I have kept off all the weight I had lost previously. My weight has stablished at the optimum level I want.


It worked for me!


Claudia Thomsom, 
Brick, New Jersey

                     Like most women, losing weight has always been a terrible source of frustration to me.

I always want to know  WHY? is it so darn hard. Why does it always feel a struggle ........as if I am being deprived. 

That's why your course made so much sense to me.

Like most women, I realized I was deprived of PLEASURE.  And for most of my life, I have got used to getting my 'pleasure' from gorging on snacks and fatty junk food.

And when I can't do that anymore, if I have to do one more diet, I feel empty, angry and terrible.

But when I read your course, I thought:  What IF ....What IF.....I could get my pleasure - a REAL  pleasure from within myself through meditation  -would my desire for these gorging snacks disappear? 

Would I find losing weight much easier! And the answer, as you know yourself is YES!

Every moring and during the evening , I sit down to practice the Bliss Technique. I allow myself to say yes to pleasure and ecstacy - and I LET myself FEEL these energies stream through my body. 

And now the pleasure I get from this - is as real as any pleasure I got from food.  

Not only I'm losting 2 pounds of stubborn fat every week, but I feel and look better, younger and healthier. My body is buzzing with these feel-good hormones .                

Click here to start Losing Weight through 
The BlissTechnique  

It worked for me!


I had trouble loosing weight ever since I can remember. 

I have tried all the weight loss gimmicks on the market such as : dexatrim,slim fast, Oprah's green tea, the Newest Hoodia Patch & STARVATION. None of them ever worked for me.

But within 4 weeks to the day of  learning how to pracitce The Bliss Technique properly,  I lost 11 lbs ! And within 3 months I lost a total of 28 lbs! 

Because of the The Bliss Technique, I don't feel empty, lacking or deprived anymore. I don't feel as if I'm missing out now that I can't snack on all my old foods.

I just feel  SO full and energized after practicing. I still have to follow all the normal rules of healthy weight loss - but now it just feels so easy and natural.

Just a simple thing makes such a big difference.

 Paul Blair, Liverpool, UK 

Bliss Meditation not only relaxes you - and at deep levels of bliss, helps you to access deep levels of ecstatic  energy - it also triggers your body into producing hundreds of health -promoting and health- protecting hormonal secretions.


No wonder the Dr Norman Rosenthal of the American government's National Institute of Mental Health said last year:

"The prevention of heart attack and stroke and actual
 lengthening of lifespan by an alternative treatment method is exceedingly rare, if not unprecedented.

"If Meditation were a drug conferring so many health benefits,  it would be a billion-dollar blockbuster."

But because it is free and costs us NOTHING to practice......we all overlook it.....and dismiss it's incredible power..........


It worked for me!




One night, my big test came!

I remember it all very well.

A fresh plate of  a dozen dark choclate yummy biscuits were right in front of me.  

In the past, I would have gobbled them up.  I would have eaten them for the pleasure. For the comfort. As if they were old friends. They took away the loneliness. 

But that night, I smiled to myself and did something completely different. 

I went to my room, closed the door and allowed myself to feel and enjoy another more natural, more  ecstatic form of pleasure. 

A pleasure that heals your body, de-stresses it, rejuvenates it - energizes it. A pleasure that makes you feel marvellous.  Whole. Complete. 

In the past, I would have binged on those biscuits filling my body with dead, fatty energies .

Todat, I get my pleasure from this simple natural form of meditation. 

 And my days of getting fat are gone forever.  Thank you.

Click here to start Losing Weight through 
The BlissTechnique  


Clare, Wood Green, London

How experiencing ecstatic energy is the best anti-aging cream available!

John, I have been teaching the Bliss Technique to my students over the past two years now. 

When some of my students ask me why they should practice it I tell them the most practical reason: To look in the mirror- and tell me how much money they spend on anti-aging creams, oinments and lotions every year?

People don't understand this - because they don't realize that it is not the meditation that radically reduces aging - but the powerful  hormones and chemicals that are produced by the body WHEN  it goes into deep meditative states.

It is these hormones and secretions that are the anti-aging agents. 

So most people don't realize that the best anti-aging cream or lotion is within within their own bodies - within their own hormonal system!

Instead of spending money on all these lotions, I ask them to read  the more than 200 leading scientific research papers that have PROVEN that leanring how to relax through meditation, and flood your body with orgasmic energy produced by levels of deep meditation is the BEST WAY to trigger your body into  producing its own most powerful anti-aging hormones.


How meditation techniques like The Bliss OTechnique reduces aging, stress and the problem of  Thinning hair

When your body learns once again how to release hyper-stress from it's sytem and how  to experience DEEP levels of ecstatic peace and relaxation, your whole bodily bio-chemistry will change.

Deep meditative practices like the Bliss Technique transform  the body's ability to generate and secrete certain hormonal substances, namely an intriguing steroid called DHEA.

DHEA is a plentiful substance that is secreted by the adrenal cortex.

It circulates in the bloodstream in quantities thousands of times greater than either the sex hormone, estrogen and testosterone, yet science has been unable to pin what it's exact role in the body is.

All that is known is that it declines in a virtual straight line with age.

Levels of DHEA peak at around age 25 but continue to reduce to about 5% of their maximum by the last year of life.

However in 1989, in Temple University a biochemist called Arthur Schwartz made an extraordinary discovery when he injected DHEA to mice and observed a remarkable reversal in ageing.

Scientists now had some key evidence that DHEA must have some key role to play in the body's ageing process but they also found an important link between DHEA and the body's exposure to stress.

Research began to show that the body's DHEA reservoir was significantly depleted by marked levels of stress.

Scientists began to draw the following conclusion that if someone can keep up his DHEA levels, his body must be resisting stress, and with fewer stress reactions, ageing should be retarded.

In a related experiment, 328 experienced meditators were examined and their levels of DHEA were compared to those of 1,462 people who had never practised meditation.

The results were highly significant - for example, men over 45 who practiced had 23% more DHEA, the women meditators 47% more DHEA.

Overall it was estimated that the meditator's DHEA levels were equivalent to those of people five to ten years older .

And in similar follow-up  experiments, with over 100 women suffering from thinning hair due to the stress  of life and work - over 90% easily reversed the condition within 6 months once they learned how to experience deep levels of peace, relaxation and pleasure in their bodies once again.  



It worked for me!


John, you have solved it !! 

I could never lose weight. 

Between the ages of 31 and 42, I gained four stone making me13st 10lb, at my heaviest. I  just loved  gorging on lovely food. 

I enjoyed it. It gave me a gratifying pleasurable feeling. Even the research shows that eating large quantities of fat and sugar can have a soothing, sedative effect on the body.

It can trigger the release of seratonin, a naturally occuring substance in the body associated with well-being and happiness.

And I felt this pleasure, this joy. But I knew it was more than this. Food was a lifelong friend to me. My companion. Almost my lover. It was always there for me. I took great comfort, warmth in it. 

The thought of not being able to have this food  terrified me. HOW would I cope? My life would be a misery. So I kept on eating and piling on the weight.

Then you put me on a gradual program of practicing The Bliss Technique.  

You taught me how to be still, how to breath deeply and how to FEEL PLEASURE in my body. Real pleasure in my body.

You taught me  that it was not the foods that I really wanted  - but the great FEELINGS they gave me.

And now, for the first time ever in my life - you showed me a NEW WAY to experience  pleasure  - joy in my life. 

You showed  me I don't need fatty, sugary junk food to feel good. To feel  great pleasure. I can be just as happy without them.

And all the weight just fell off naturally. I have lost over 3 stones since the program began.

Many. Many thanks!


How to Lose Weight Using ‘The Bliss Technique’

To enjoy losing weight using the Bliss Technique, you must 
first learn how to practice The Bliss Technique

In the Bliss Technique, I will first show you how to EXPERIENCE deep states of ecstasy in your body when you relax .

When you can experience deep pleasure in your body through a natural process  like this, your desire and craving
  to 'stuff' yourself with 'pleasurable' junk food every day will disappear naturally.

Because now your body won't be starved of pleasure .....and so it won't look  ...... .to all those junk, sugary substitutes  to MAKE UP  for any  lack of pleasure."

When you have mastered the Bliss Technique, then you will  need to study and follow our complete weight Loss program here based on the ideas of the Bliss Technique.

Remember to lose weight on this program, you will still have to follow all the normal rules of healthy eating, drinking plenty of pure water and proper exercising.

The difference is  now you should find it easy .....and enjoyable .

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