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'The Bliss Technique'  is now practiced 
in over 80 countries worldwide !

What you will experience when you feel 
Orgasmic energy in your body through 
The Bliss Technique?

Why do I feel as if  life has somehow not yet begun, 
as if I am still a child, as if when I die, it will be as
 if I have never lived. "

                                                 Colin Wilson*


Most of us feel nothing in our bodies.  

That's why we feel life is passing us by.

Our bodies are blocked and frozen

We tend to live in our heads, cut off from our bodies. Most of us have never experienced the ecstatic pleasure  that exists at the core of our being .  

You may not  even believe it exists!  

But this energy does EXIST.  

In fact, you  experience a glimpse of it whenever you experience sexual orgasm.  

This is the ecstatic energy that we are talking about.


......Most people believe they can ONLY access or experience this energy through sex, but that is not true.

But Meditation was designed to help us access and experience this energy.

And these people did...  here's a sample.


  • How I first experienced ecstatic energy through a simple meditative process.

  • I can feel all of life -ALL PLEASURE in my body now. 

  • The Hidden Ecstasy of Yoga 

  • How experiencing orgasmic energy is the best anti-aging cream available.

  • How I  learned to enjoy and sustain a powerful erection.

  •  "At long last, i CAN enjoy sexual intimacy!"

  "I will help forge a new nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men and women are created with an equal birthright to experience amazing amounts of intelligence-boosting rapture and bliss that supercharges their drive to bestow beauty, truth, goodness, and love on their fellow humans".

Pronoia, Rob Brezsny



Orla Casey, Surrey, London

How I first experienced ecstasy through a simple meditative process.

When I came across your website last year what really interested me was the idea that sex was not the ONLY way you could experience the joy of ecstatic orgasmic energy in your body.

I never realized until then how much I had accepted without question the idea that this energy was only accessible through physical sex.

I just accepted that was the way it was!

Sure, sex is a great way of experiencing this energy....but I always felt it was not the only way. 

I loved the idea that we have a choice and we can go to the Source of this energy - and FEEL this energy even more INTENSIVELY from source .

So I set myself the goal of sitting down every night to practice The Bliss Technique. 

In the beginning, I felt very tense.I have to admit I didn't like it.

I felt uncomfortable, hot and stiff. 

But as you say in the course - and this is SO important - I persisted and......bit by bit I slowly began to experience the energy but it only happened  when I remembered to let go - to stop 'trying', 'forcing' or 'willing' anything to happen.

When I could maintain this relaxed, choiceless, gentle state of awareness, and remain totally focused in the present.........I would experience a tremendous shift in my body - and EVERYTHING  would change.

All the heaviness, pain and feelings of constriction and discomfort  literally evaporated from my body, and I started to be flooded with delicious, new  sensations of energy. I literally experienced a tingling pleasure and warmth in every cell of me body.

But, on other occassions, I noticed that if I tried to 'force' or 'will' the experience, I felt nothing.

The key is my state of consciousness.

As I practised, I was also shocked to discover how incredibly tight, fearful, constricted and anxious every cell of my body was.

It was because I was so blocked, so damn frozen and tense in the past  that only a tiny trickle of this ecstatic energy had been able to flow through me, barely tingling my body with pleasure or slight currents of excitation.  

No wonder I felt nothing during sex or meditation!

But gradually as my body 'defrosted' and 'thawed' out as I practiced each night, I began to feel more and more of this energy

 But, this for me now was the HARDEST part!! 

It really took time for me to learn it was OK to feel THIS GOOD. 

It REALLY was OK to feel this immense pleasure in my body. It was not bad, wrong or selfish to do this. Pleasure IS A GOOD HEALING ENERGY.

So I had to follow your advice and not put ANY limits or blocks on how much of this pleasure I would ALLOW myself to feel.

I learned how to KEEP relaxing, KEEP letting go  ….and ALLOWING the energy to stream through me.

I realized what you wrote was true: The energy is limitless – so will be MY experience -IF I LET IT!  

My favourite quote of the course is when Matt Engelman writes in Module 1.

"A common mind-trap is to assume, after a great experience,  – or a brilliant day, that the following day or the following meditative experience will be a pile of shit. This is a very common mind-trap.  It is encapsulated by the cliché: ‘You can’t always have good days – or great experiences.’. Excuse me, respected reader, while I shout an obscenity…….”Bullshit!”. This train of thought, together with “My luck is running out,” are self-fulfilling prophecies, and it is as simple as that”.  



Bliss Meditation not only relaxes you - and at deep levels of bliss, helps you to access deep levels of orgasmic energy - it also triggers your body into producing hundreds of health -promoting and health- protecting hormonal secretions.


No wonder the Dr Norman Rosenthal of the American government's National Institute of Mental Health said last year:

"The prevention of heart attack and stroke and actual
 lengthening of lifespan by an alternative treatment method is exceedingly rare, if not unprecedented.

"If Meditation were a drug conferring so many health benefits,  it would be a billion-dollar blockbuster."

But because it is free and costs us NOTHING to practice......we all overlook it.....and dismiss it's incredible power..........

My Story

The name and address of person is with the Editor of website.

This is a long letter, but trust me - it's well worth reading. A real joy.

I can feel all of life -ALL PLEASURE in my body now!

I have to be honest, I'm fat and homely. 

Always was. 

For most of my life, I've felt miserable, not good enough - and deprived

Yes, especially deprived!

I believed  that all the beautiful people and even all ordinary-looking people got everything.

The extraordinary  feeling of being wanted, desired, loved and adored. The experience of your body  quivering down to its cellular core with the pleasure of sexual attention.

I believed  they all got to experience things that I never would. Experiences that I would be deprived of forever.

When I read your course, something clicked deep within me. 

A light came on!

It was when you wrote: 

"Right now, you have the EXACT SAME biological and neurological circuitry as any OTHER human being who is capable of experiencing all the ecstatic frequencies of this energy, from the highest to the lowest – this very moment. It is available to you right now. The truth is: Our nervous systems have been set up for unlimitedness.

Then, when I read this quote from Dr. Deepak Chopra, something exploded within me;  

“Can we grant these feelings at once blissful and all-encompassing to an ordinary person from Connecticut? I think we have to – for the same biochemistry that sustains such an experience is available to all”

Wham! Bang! Bingo! All the lights went ON for me!  

"Wait a minute!,

 I have a perfectly working hormonal and neurological circuitry like all the beautiful people. I am surely capable of FEELING everything they are!"

But.....my problem was.....all the time I was focusing exclusively  on the ‘shape’ and ‘appearance’ of my body and nothing else  and forgetting that  my body, my in truth 'an exquisite, and EXTRAORDINARY ‘sensing and feeling mechanism’.

That's what bodies are really for! 

I remember thinking, you are right! They are really designed to help us to FEEL, to taste, to EXPERIENCE all the different frequencies, ENERGIES of life.

But, all my life, I was  brainwashed, hypnotised, hoodwinked into believing that there was only one valid, effective and acceptable way to feel and experience the most exquisite and ecstatic frequency of this energy - ecstatic orgasmic energy . You must be sexually desirable or look a certain way and then someone will want you, love you - and when that happpens you will experience these feelings - this energy in your body. 

But that is wrong. 

Yes, it is one of the most beautiful ways - but as you say again and again - we can all ALSO go to the SOURCE of this ecstatic energy - and drink freely from it. 

What you wrote about the true nature of ecstatic energy - and the real nature of pleasure just rang so true to me. 

It resonated deeply. I read it again and again that day:


"This energy does not belong to you or me. It is not as if some people have this energy in their bodies and others don’t.

This energy is universal.

It is everywhere present.

Ecstasy is simply a specific energy frequency or rate of energy and orgasmic ecstatic people are  people who know how to attune the energies of their bodies into perfect vibrational alignment with this ecstatic  energy frequency.

And Master Lovers are simply people who can hold this ecstatic high frequency of energy in their bodies with such joy and intensity that their lover’s bodies have no choice but to yield and to start vibrating themselves at this high orgasmic frequency.

When we see the bigger picture, we realize that experiencing this energy, in truth has nothing to do with age, looks, body shape, religion, or nationality.

We are all energy beings, and we can all learn how to vibrationally align our bodies to these universal, orgasmic energetic frequencies .

We can all experience orgasmic ecstatic energy."


I realized for the first time in my life that no-one can DEPRIVE me of experiencing this energy - but MYSELF. , I  CAN feel the full intensity of this ecstastic energy in my body NOW.

So every night, as I practised The Bliss Technique, I would use my consciousness to call forth ecstasy. 

I would say: 'Show me the energy of esctasy' and then finally as I reached the appropriate level of consciousness one night about four weeks later, I could feel it embracing me....... filling me....... tingling...... and bursting forth in all my trillions of cells.

I cried.

I realized I was not alone. 

...That this energy, this feeling of universal love IS UNIVERSAL. It is available to us all. Right now. We can all share it and EXPERIENCE it. Our bodies are designed to help us tune into and experience it. It doesn't recognize colour, age, shape or appearance. 

I was never really deprived of anything. My problem was I couldn't see the bigger picture. 

And then an evening stranger thing happened. 

As I learned how to expereince all these essential feelings from their SOURCE - I lost all my neediness and fear about getting them from people and relationships.And you know what they say: when you stop needing something and looking for it, it comes along!

I got married last December on Christmas Eve. Thank you, John 



My favourite quote from your course comes from Chris Grimcom when she describes what happened to her one night…. :

“It seemed perfect to sleep under the stars on Christmas Eve. The beauty, the newness, the vulnerability of it sparked my unquenchable emotion which soared into the night sky. The expansion stirred my body which considered the difference between pressing my heart up against another heart………,it had been four months since I had made love and I mused about the serious possibility that I would never experience those sensations again. I was forty-one, my sexual energy honed to its sweetest, highest pitch…..

I don’t know how long I slept, but I awakened to a trillion orgasmic explosions, pulsating electrical spasms shattering the confines of my cells, my body, my consciousness!

I was sweating. All borders, all awareness of where I began and ended was gone. After indescribable, timeless moments, it quieted into a sensation of an undulating sea and I realized that I has literally levitated more than a foot above the ground. I felt a sensation of floating down, and for the rest of the night I listened to a wonderful humming within my body. My cells were singing. My mind never stirred throughout, I was so engulfed in the experience. Only now, can I give it a name: I call it a ‘cosmic orgasm’.





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Claire Reynolds

The Hidden Ecstasy of Yoga 

"Ecstatic energy is warm, benevolent, fluid, following honey, golden oil, ambrosia, nectar, Elixir of life!"

For years, I have practised Yoga and Pilates - but it wasn't until I read your course that I realized that practicing yoga could also be an extremely pleasurable, ecstatic EXPERIENCE!

When I read this first, I dismissed this possibility. 

I remember thinking, 'No, no, that couldn't be right'. 

I was reared on the idea that exercise is not something you should enjoy. It is something that has to be done, to be endured in order to reap the real benefits. 

We all know the old motto: " No pain, no gain".

But as I read your course, my ideas gradually began to change. 

I began to realize that I had never allowed myself to feel anything - definitely not pleasure or joy as  I practised the different yoga postures.

Yet, I now remember that on many occassions in the past, I did feel great, almost ecstatic as I got into the thought-less flow of exercises after exercise.

But for some reason or other, I never allowed that feeling, that energy to grow, to develop and engult me. 

I regarded it as a freak result - as something that would probably never happen again. So why bother. Better off forgetting about it, I thought.

But as I practiced The Bliss Technique, and learned how to be fully present in my body - and how to allow for the possibility that our bodies can tune into the field of orgasmic energy in many other ways other than sex - everything changed.

As I applied the techniques of the Bliss Techniques to my yoga practice, for the first time ever, I allowed myself to FEEL  without judgment or censure all the electric currents of life as they streamed through my body.

It brought my experience of Yoga and exercise to a new dimension.

A dimension that I never knew existed.  

What did I learned most from your course? 

That pleasure is a good, healing healthy energy. It is not something we should be afraid of . It is not bad, or evil or selfish to feel this energy - but it is a a real, vigorous, esctatic energy that our bodies crave. Maybe the famous German philosopher Reich was right. He called this energy, I think  orgone energy. And he claimed it was the true lost Elixir of life? 

I don't know if it is - but it sure FEELS like it! 

In  his marvelous  book, The Endorphin Effect, William Bloom, remembers a lovely BBC radio interview with perhaps one of the best-known yogi in the West, B.K.S. Iyengar in 2001.

The yogi described how he now, at last in his old age properly understood what he was teaching! 

He was giggling and laughing as he said this, amused by how seriously and earnestly he had taught yoga in the past. He was now celebrating his knowledge that it was, in fact all to do with pleasure, laughter and joy!. 



My favourite quote:

“The body should be taken care of. One should not
be against it, one should not condemn it. If you condemn
it, you have already condemned God, because in the
deepest recess of the body God resides.


“This is why ecstasy is a new frequency, the vibration of a new frequency. Our sexual energy is usually the only place in our lives where we come anywhere close to ecstasy or rapture because we feel that pulsation, that electromagnetic charge that is part of our own creation. It is the essence of our being.

                                                                                                Chris Griscom 


How experiencing ecstatic energy is the best anti-aging cream available

John, I have been teaching the Bliss Technique to my students over the past two years now. 

When some of my students ask me why they should practice it I tell them the most practical reason: To look in the mirror- and tell me how much money they spend on anti-aging creams, oinments and lotions every year?

People don't understand this - because they don't realize that it is not the meditation that radically reduces aging - but the powerful  hormones and chemicals that are produced by the body WHEN  it goes into deep meditative states.

It is these hormones and secretions that are the anti-aging agents. 

So most people don't realize that the best anti-aging cream or lotion is within within their own bodies - within their own hormonal system!

Instead of spending money on all these lotions, I ask them to read  the more than 200 leading scientific research papers that have PROVEN that leanring how to relax through meditation, and flood your body with orgasmic energy produced by levels of deep meditation is the BEST WAY to trigger your body into  producing its own most powerful anti-aging hormones.


How meditation techniques like The Bliss OTechnique reduces aging, stress and the problem of  Thinning hair

When your body learns once again how to release hyper-stress from it's sytem and how  to experience DEEP levels of ecstatic peace and relaxation, your whole bodily bio-chemistry will change.

Deep meditative practices like the Bliss Technique transform  the body's ability to generate and secrete certain hormonal substances, namely an intriguing steroid called DHEA.

DHEA is a plentiful substance that is secreted by the adrenal cortex.

It circulates in the bloodstream in quantities thousands of times greater than either the sex hormone, estrogen and testosterone, yet science has been unable to pin what it's exact role in the body is.

All that is known is that it declines in a virtual straight line with age.

Levels of DHEA peak at around age 25 but continue to reduce to about 5% of their maximum by the last year of life.

However in 1989, in Temple University a biochemist called Arthur Schwartz made an extraordinary discovery when he injected DHEA to mice and observed a remarkable reversal in ageing.

Scientists now had some key evidence that DHEA must have some key role to play in the body's ageing process but they also found an important link between DHEA and the body's exposure to stress.

Research began to show that the body's DHEA reservoir was significantly depleted by marked levels of stress.

Scientists began to draw the following conclusion that if someone can keep up his DHEA levels, his body must be resisting stress, and with fewer stress reactions, ageing should be retarded.

In a related experiment, 328 experienced meditators were examined and their levels of DHEA were compared to those of 1,462 people who had never practised meditation.

The results were highly significant - for example, men over 45 who practiced had 23% more DHEA, the women meditators 47% more DHEA.

Overall it was estimated that the meditator's DHEA levels were equivalent to those of people five to ten years older .

And in similar follow-up  experiments, with over 100 women suffering from thinning hair due to the stress  of life and work - over 90% easily reversed the condition within 6 months once they learned how to experience deep levels of peace, relaxation and pleasure in their bodies once again.  

My favourite quote comes when Steven Harrison writes: 


"The body needs consciousness, life energy. 

It is starving. 

Disease is the starvation of the body. The starvation is not for food, but for the entry of consciousness, of life energy into the very cells of the body.

This chronic consciousness-starvation is manifest in the slow decline and degeneration of the physical body. It is the aging process, mechanically imprinted in our memory, our genes". 





Simply put, this program works if you want to ENJOY  losing weight!!

Yes you still have to do all the NORMAL things like eat healthy food, drink lots of water and exercise regurarly-but the BIG difference is that it's all enjoyable now.

I don't feel any desire - any craving to eat  the junky sugary food, the hidden snacks  - because now it's very simple: I get all my pleasure  - my happy norishment from  the bliss Technique.

Like Elizabeth Gilbert, I  meditate for an hour of bone-tingling stillness and I feel  ............that happiness, bliss which is better, truly, than anything I have ever experienced else on this earth." 

And it fills me for the whole day.   

And for the first time in my life, I have kept off all the weight I had lost previously. My weight has stablished at the optimum level I want.


Nadia, Ontario, Canada



Claudia Thomsom, 
Brick, New Jersey

                     Like most women, losing weight has always been a terrible source of frustration to me.

I always want to know  WHY? is it so darn hard. Why does it always feel a struggle ........as if I am being deprived. 

That's why your course made so much sense to me.

Like most women, I realized I was deprived of PLEASURE.  And for most of my life, I have got used to getting my 'pleasure' from gorging on snacks and fatty junk food.

And when I can't do that anymore, if I have to do one more diet, I feel empty, angry and terrible.

But when I read your course, I thought:  What IF ....What IF.....I could get my pleasure - a REAL  pleasure from within myself through meditation  -would my desire for these gorging snacks disappear? 

Would I find losing weight much easier! And the answer, as you know yourself is YES!

Every moring and during the evening , I sit down to practice the Bliss Technique. I allow myself to say yes to pleasure and ecstacy - and I LET myself FEEL these energies stream through my body. 

And now the pleasure I get from this - is as real as any pleasure I got from food.  

Not only I'm losting 2 pounds of stubborn fat every week, but I feel and look better, younger and healthier. My body is buzzing with these feel-good hormones .                




"How I  learned to enjoy and sustain a powerful erection "

The name and address of person is with the Editor of website.


I laughed when I read the New York Times survey on your website about the number of men who won't have sex because of  fear of failure. Of humiliation. Of riducule if things go wrong..if they fear they won't be able to get and sustain a hard, hot erection. 

I'm one of them. And it ruins your life. 

When I'm with a woman I'll like, fooling about, I never feel anything intense

I want to -but I just can't let go. ( When I go home later on on my own, I have no problem getting an ennormous sustained erection )

But when I'm with a woman, it seems as if I'm separated, or cut off my body. As if I'm just going through the motions in my head. It  becomes just a mental experience, me thinking about what I'm doing now - and what I should be doing next, and what I hope will happen then. It is as if I'm locked in my head, looking down on what is happening.

I just want to be able to RELAX, LET GO, NOT CARE- and just FEEL something powerful, intense in my body, in my groin.

But ususally nothing much happens 'down there', fears then start to rise in my belly- and I become even more tense, more separated from my body  - DESPARETELY wanting my body and my penis to respond, to react....to come to LIFE!

I just want to get out of my mind - and into the energy of the moment. 

To be able to let go and let the sexual energies that I should be feeling  take over, surge through me,  and express themselves with a brutal  ferocity and instensity. 

I want to be able to lose myself in this awesome, orgasmic ENERGY . I want the energy to overwhelm me and my woman and drag us into an ever-increasing orgasmic whirlwind of this energy.

That's why I took your course. To experience this. And, as I said above it has transformed my sexual experiences.


By making me realize that I am RESPONSIBLE for how much of this orgasmic energy I can let myself  experience. It is nothing to do with the other person.

This energy is all around me. I must first learn how to feel it in abundance in MY body. 

Yes, the other sexual partner is there  to help me to access, or awaken this energy in myself, but if I can’t relax and let go enough, I will still feel nothing, no matter how BEAUTIFUL or alluring the other person is.

Chris Griscom makes this clear in your course, when she writes:

"There is nobody out there influencing the body but you.  

Until you can own your body, forget what anybody else is going to do for you....."

"In the past, we thought, "Well, my problem is this wife that I have been with for 20 years. I'm bored." We thought we could find the stimulus in a new being. It's not there. We found that out......." 

"You can make love to a different person every day, and you will still feel unfulfilled, and you will not be orgasmic......."

"The stimulus is not out there in the other person, and it doesn't matter how beautiful the body, or how well you do the technique. That's irrelevant. 

The energy, as it moves is moving in you......" 

So to enjoy sex and feel orgasmic, I went to my room very night, sat down and learned how to attune myself to orgasmic energy through your simple meditative process.  

I learned how to FEEL the weak electric currents of life in my body that I had never noticed or felt before.

I then learned how to intensify these electric currents of excitation so that every cell of my body became live, literally pulsating, tingling with this frequency of orgasmic energy. Even down to my  fingertips! 

I realized all I had been told was wrong. 

Orgasmic energy was everywhere. And my body was perfectly designed, through its energy centres to  tune into and experience unlimited frequencies of this energy. 

Then I experienced the most marvelous thing of all.

You are absolutely right when you talk aboutt his in your course.

When I can HOLD this ecstatic, frequency of energy in my body with real joy and confidence - my partner's body effortlessly starts to fall into perfect synch with my heightened energies and has no choice but to ecstatically yield and surrender to this energy and to start vibrating itself at this high orgasmic frequency.

Finally I have learned ......." how to be orgasmic when I am with another person so that BOTH of us can FEEL this energy, this ecstasy  streaming through our bodies together as one. Life really is all about Feeling."


My favourite quote is when Barbara Marciniak writes in Module 9:

"People who do not have orgasms cannot really relax, and if you cannot relax, then you are missing out on the many multisensory pleasures of life. 

No one owes you an orgasm if you have been unable to discover for yourself your body's own orgasmic pleasure".  

                                             Barbara Marciniak



"At long last, i CAN enjoy sexual intimacy!"

My acute self-consciousness completely inhibited me from completely letting go......and giving myself over to the pleasure I knew I could be feeling.....

I'D worry about how breast and stomach were looking .....and thus I'd be totally distracted from any of the delicious sensations I could be experiencing. 

I know we are more critical of their bodies than men are....Yet it's true: What turns men on is seeing us really excited and lost in pleasure.

But I'm cut off from this kind of abandon because I'm just so absorbed with worrying about how I look, I've lose  the ability to know and concentrate on how I feel.

John, this is how I felt before I started to practice The Bliss Technique. 

I realized my problem was my obsessive concern and preoccupation with what the other person thought of me.

I would become so concerned, so worried, so anxious about what the other person might think  of me that every cell of my body would freeze......Like ICE. All my cells would start to constrict, to narrow, to tighten,  to contract so that it  totally blocked out and hindered the flow of any blood and energy throughout my body. No flow of blood. No flow of sensation so I'd feel nothing. 

I knew the solution to my problem was simple: I had to learn how to  feel orgasmic energy on my own first where I could relax totally without feeling nervous and self-consciousness.

So every night I went to my room and practised this dymnatic form of meditation. I had to stop running away from my body - and place my full attention in it.

In the beginning, I felt hot, and flushed. My mind kept running all over the place. It didn't want to be HERE- to be fully present in my body. I felt nothing but this heaviness in my body but I kept doing it -remembering that the key of the bliss technique and the key of orgasmic love-making is to stop trying and simply  ALLOW  the orgasmic energy that is already there to flow.

As I sat in meditation, I reminded myself that my body KNOWS exactly how to do this naturally.....if I will just let it......

I said this to myself from your course:

"When I eat my dinner - my body knows PERFECTLY how to digest all the food, doesn't it. It doesn't need my help. It knows perfectly HOW to do it. When I breath or when my heart beats every second, it is my body's own natural intelligence that is EFFORTLESSLY accomplishing all these miraculous acts every nano-second. My body's intelligence knows HOW to do all these things naturally and perfectly. I don't need to show my body how to breath or how to beat its heart every nano-second. Do I ?

Likewise, when I  relax to a very deep level - the bliss level , my body KNOWS  exactly how to change its vibratory rate to MATCH  the frequency rate of these fields of orgasmic energy ....IF I WILL ALLOW IT..

So, I said to myself my job now in meditation is to......help my body relax away all the obstacles that are blocking my body from doing this naturally and effortlessly!

And the result: When I can reach this high state of awareness, by applying the principles of the Bliss Technique my body is flooded with these waves of ecstatic energy.

Now when I make love, the most important thing for me is to get into this state before and as I start to make out my my partner.

And if my energy and presence is strong enough, it helps to brings my partner's energy into flow with mine. He hegins to feel and enjoy the waves of pleasure that are washing over my body.

“ A man cannot give you an orgasm. A man cannot give 
you something that is already yours. 
Women have assumed for too long that men are 
naturally-born ‘sexperts’. if you have not done so, 
now is time for you to claim 
rightful ownership of your sexuality".

Cynthia Lief Ruberg,  
Pathways to Pleasure



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