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How to Lose Weight Using ‘The Bliss Technique’

To enjoy losing weight using the Bliss Technique, you must 
first learn how to practice The 
Bliss Technique. 

So I will first show you how to EXPERIENCE deep states of ecstasy in your body when you relax .

When you can experience deep pleasure in your body through  a natural process like this, your desire and craving
 to 'stuff' yourself with 'pleasurable' junk food every day will disappear naturally.

And because your body won't be starved of pleasure anymore  ..... it won't look  to, or crave  all those junk, sugary substitutes as it did in the past to MAKE UP  for this lack of pleasure."

When you have mastered the Bliss Technique, then you will  need to study and follow our complete weight Loss program here based on the ideas of the Bliss Technique.

Remember to lose weight on this program, you will still have to follow all the normal rules of healthy eating, drinking plenty of pure water and proper exercising.

The difference is  now you should find it easy .....and enjoyable .



First of all,  I want you to  study all 16 Modules of our 365 pages e-course -'The Bliss Technique' - and learn how to practice the BlissTechnique. 

I also want you, every night  to listen to my  MP3 player  files, 'Experience the Bliss Technique' , where I will personally  guide you into experiencing this state for yourself . Use this tape in conjunction with our Module course.



And then I want you to  study and follow our complete Weight Loss Program here based on the ideas of the Bliss Technique. And to really start 
enjoying losing weight! 


Special Gift!

After you have mastered the basic techniques and can feel this extraordinary, healing ENERGY streaming through your OWN body  when you are on our own.........I want you to learn how you can experience this orgasmic energy when you are with another person so that both of you can feel this orgasmic energy streaming through your bodies together as one.

To do this I want you to study our Manual, The 10 Program
where you can  practically apply the principles of the Bliss Technique to transform how you experience sex in your daily life. 
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"A very liberated human being with few or no blocks or inhibitions, without distortions or negativity, is capable of a high degree of pleasure, for then the energy of the subtle bodies penetrates the surface body.

Only then, when a high degree of bliss is experienced will the person deeply know that human pleasure is essentially the same as the cosmic state of bliss, that they are not opposites, but one and the same.

Real pleasure is intensely fleshly and intensely spiritual. The ultimate state of liberation, of cosmic being, is total pleasure. The ultimate reality is pleasure.

Bliss is the natural state of a unified being in harmony with himself and the universe.

By this we mean a state of physical and spiritual bliss that is experienced in every particle of one's body and soul, with all sensations and faculties alive, awake and feeling. This state is very much a present reality.

It is your birthright, my friends.

Your longing for it is the most real and healthy movement within you.

Pleasure is a state in which your entire being vibrates and pulsates undividedly, in harmony with itself and the universe, and hence with another human being.

There is no division within you, no doubt about the rightfulness of your bliss. You feel no guilt or hesitation. On the contrary, you will deeply feel that the greater your ecstasy, your pleasure, and your joy, the more you contribute to the world."*


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