Bliss Technique
"All of man's miseries derive from him not being able to sit in a room alone"


My Story

Many years ago, in a shabby flat in London, my girlfriend's closest friend killed herself. 

She had taken a drug overdose but it is what she told my girlfriend  the night before that I will never forget. 

'I hate myself. I just want to get away from myself'. 

No-one guessed what she really had in mind that very night..

Why this really struck me is that a month previous, I had done a 10 day course in a very disciplined form of meditation, that was being used by the army.

For 10 days, you HAD to STOP running away from YOURSELF. 


You just had to sit in silence in a room and FACE all the deepest beliefs and feelings you had about yourself.

And In the beginning, you FEEL very tense.

Uncomfortable. Hot and stiff. 

In fact, you feel an overwhelming urge to get up - and do A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G but just 'sit with yourself'.

Just you.

But if you can just 'stay' with these unpleasant sensations and energies - and learn not to....

  • fight them 

  • hate them 

  • resist them......

.........after a while you  experience a tremendous shift in your body - and EVERYTHING  changes.

All the heaviness, pain and feelings of constriction and discomfort  literally evaporates away...... 

And you start to be flooded with delicious, new  sensations of energy. 

You'll literally experience a healing pleasure in every cell of your body.

And this is  a very real state. 

Not only do you feel this experientially, but your brain waves and  whole biochemistry seems to  CHANGE to accommodate this new awareness.  

But something else also happens. 

Your body releases higher levels of endorphins - a natural hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. 

In other words, you'll start to FEEL good - and happy about yourself. 

And then you realize: 


You won't  need something EXTERNAL to yourself (i.e. cigarettes or drugs, or even human approval or acceptance) to FEEL great. 


That's why my girlfriend's friend death struck me as so pointless. 

There was another way. 

She was not unlovable - she only had this terrible feeling that  she was. 

A feeling we all have had at some time or other.

And the drugs were just a desperate way for her to change how she felt. 

It wasn't the drugs she wanted.

She just wanted to FEEL different. 



Not isolated. Cut off . Lonely. 

 She couldn't connect, even if surrounded by friends

In the end, like everybody else, she just wanted to lose her excessive self-consciousness so that she could really FEEL connected and merged with people around her.

All of us, to some degree or other face this isolation, this lonliness.

And, I'm convinced all our problems with not enjoying life ( and sex) stem from our  excessive self-consciousness. 

Our ultra-sensitive concern with WHAT other people might think of us!

I remember reading this quote from Andrew Cohen in his book 'Enlightenment is a secret that struck me as absolutely correct:

"Most people are suffering from the same agony, tormented by ideas of who they are, who they want to be and who they don't want to be.

 It helps you when you realize that this predicament is the human condition. It helps you when you realize almost everyone is suffering in this same misery.  

Realizing this can help. It can help you see through the illusion that you are suffering in your misery alone and isolated……when you realize that it is the average condition of almost everybody."

 And then I realized the great paradox is: the answer lies within us.


Only when we can 'be' with 'ourselves', and feel relaxed, comfortable and fully at ease in 'our own skin' - ONLY then will other people will feel fully relaxed, comfortable and fully at ease with us!

Then there will be a real connection. A real intimacy. A  real melding.

That is the great discovery you will make after you  start to practice The Bliss Technique of Bliss Meditation.


Your primary relationship is with your self. 

You can't escape yourself.  

As the writer Emerson, points out in this  famous quote:

"At home I dream that at Naples, at Rome I can be intoxicated with beauty and lose my sadness. I pack my trunk, embrace my friends, embark on the sea, and at last wake up in Naples, and there beside me is the stern fact, the sad self, unrelenting, identical, that I fled from."  


You are going to  spend your WHOLE life with yourself - and yet there is a part of you, the CORE of you that you have hardly ever experienced!

Bliss Meditation takes you home to yourself.  To this CORE of your being. 

To  help you  access the love energy, the bliss energy that is your source.

Ask yourself: If you don't want to be with yourself and spend time with yourself, why should others?

Talking about it won't do any good. Reading about it is only the first step. 

The key is ALLOWING yourself to experience it now  in your life now..

"The experience of ecstasy is simply the final stage of intimacy with yourself".  

Deepak Chopra  


I wish I knew all this many years ago in London...... 


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